German Chocolate Sheet Cake

We are having friends over for dinner tonight and I know they are chocoholics so was wanting to make them something that I haven’t made them before. Looking through my old recipes, I came across this and since I had everything needed, it became the cake for dessert tonight. Whipped up some whipping cream to … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brittle

Something else to get addicted to, as if I didn’t have enough already. Thank you Patti for sharing with us and for introducing me to something else that I will now have to keep locked up, after making it. This will be so great to have on hand for all the company that will be … Continue reading

Caesar Mushroom Caps

Isn’t it great to receive those cooking magazines that all us to have wonderful evenings when we get to just sit and look through them for new ideas? Because Fall is (hopefully for those of us who live in the Sun Belt, known as Arizona) right around the corner, it seems like those kind of … Continue reading

Pecan Pie Mini Cupcakes

Found these on FaceBook the other day and decided they looked so good I had to try them, and try I have….about 10 times. These little gems are like eating a piece of pecan pie. Took them when we had dinner last night with some friends and the ladies have all requested the recipe…I can … Continue reading

Pecan-Parsley Rice

If I think about what I would love to have on Mothers Day, Rice is right up there along with ham, fried chicken or roast, of which this recipe would compliment. The recipes I have posted this week were recipes that I thought would be great to have this Sunday when we celebrate memories and … Continue reading

Texas Pecan Pie Bars

This recipe needed reposting after taking them to a social last Wed evening. I watched as ladies would take a bite and hear their, “oh my gosh, who brought these?” They were the hit of the night. So different from regular pecan pie bars. A great dessert for any Christmas party, or for those nights … Continue reading