Tuxedo Cake

We are having company this evening after going out to eat. When I was thinking about what I might bake, this cake came to mind, as it is really one of my favorite cakes. I know I say that about every cake, but really, this is one of my most favorite. It has chocolate frosting, … Continue reading

Can you tell I’m loving the new Fall Baking magazine? If you see one at your grocery store, you really should pick one up. It has just a bunch of fabulous recipes. These almond cupcakes are so good and finish off beautifully with a great buttercream frosting.(NO…you cannot use store bought frosting, this time I … Continue reading

Almond-Strawberry Cream Cheese Bunny Bites

Using a Duncan Hines French Vanilla cake mix, I just made the cake according to the box directions, in a 9×13 pan, but added 1 full teas almond extract. (I love wedding cake, so when I get a craving for wedding cake, I just make up this exact cake and add almond flavored butter frosting to … Continue reading