Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cupcakes

Having been assigned to bring a dessert to a luncheon today, I quickly started to explore cookbooks for something pumpkin, since it is officially Pumpkin Month here in Pumpkinville. As I leafed through The Cake Doctor, I came across a Pumpkin spice cake, which I used for the cupcake base (making a few adjustments) and … Continue reading

Pumpkin & Cream Cheese Muffins

These will be called Cupcakes in our house, as I am so not a muffin person, but would eat these no matter what they are called. If they are not served and waiting for us at the Wedding Feast in Heaven, I don’t know what would be….they are heavenly! I ate one with butter melted … Continue reading

Can you tell I’m loving the new Fall Baking magazine? If you see one at your grocery store, you really should pick one up. It has just a bunch of fabulous recipes. These almond cupcakes are so good and finish off beautifully with a great buttercream frosting.(NO…you cannot use store bought frosting, this time I … Continue reading

Princess Payton Cupcakes

Last week, our daughter in law, Mandy had ask if I would make the cupcakes for our granddaughter’s 1st birthday party. All the relatives would be coming into town from near and far and it was a joyous occasion. Of course, we wanted everything to be pink so the cupcakes were going to be strawberry. … Continue reading

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes

* Strawberry and Cream Cheese make such a delightful Spring flavor. I am catering a luncheon for a friend tomorrow and since it is suppose to be raining all day, I wanted to end the lunch time with something that would put a “spring” in their step, so I decided to make strawberry cream cheese … Continue reading

Sweet & Salty Caramel-Chocolate Cupcakes

On our last trip out to California a couple of weeks ago, some friends and I celebrated a good friend’s birthday at a well-known restaurant in downtown Pasadena called, La Orange, where they have platters of the best(and free, which I know you are suppose to only take one, but since I don’t live there … Continue reading

Mini Macaroon Cupcakes

Looking through a Land o Lakes Holiday cookbook, I found these little gems which I will bake to take Thursday. They are just perfect for the Springtime brunch/lunches. Since Easter is Sunday, I will be using a little colored coconut to sprinkle on the top. Cupcake Batter: 1 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup softened  Land … Continue reading

Cranberry Cupcakes

What a novel idea. Why had I not thought of these? When I opened the new Food Network Magazine, there they were. So simple and what a great dessert to serve through the holidays. Use them with a pretty little Thanksgiving pick and then place the name cards in front of the pick to welcome … Continue reading

Sizzling Cupcakes

Still in Arizona and when we get a minute to relax, after the 3 kids are given a half bottle each of Benydryl, (we just knew that they were going to get a runny nose so we were prepared, so we loaded up on it at CVS) and are sleeping ever so soundly, we turn … Continue reading

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Yesterday I took these cupcakes to my MOPS moms and they all loved them. (Of course, being moms of preschoolers, they would love whatever that was set in front of them as long as they didn’t have to cook it). Several have emailed me and ask for the recipe and then when I took more … Continue reading