Cinnamon Brownies

These brownies take a normal brownie to the next level. Took them to art class today and everyone loved them and wanted the recipe. When I told them to just make  your favorite brownies recipe (and yes, if you are like my husband, Frosty, who loves even the Duncan Hines box brownies) just add 1 … Continue reading


I know, I know, there are a million zillion recipes out there for these delightful little cookies, but I happened to buy bagged  4.25 lb Gold Medal flour instead of the flour that comes in the paper sack and this recipe was on the back. It is different than the others I have made because … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Went to a brunch this morning and had the most delicious and moist coffee cake I think I have ever had. The middle of the cake had melted chocolate chips, combined with sugar and cinnamon and it looked like it had a layer of fudge right there in the middle of the cake. So naturally … Continue reading