Popping Pretzels

I know what you are thinking, “and she wonders why she keeps putting on the pounds”. But, trust me, these are an addiction that you will be grateful for. They take 5 minutes to make and you can make them for any holiday by just changing out the color of candy melts and M&M’s. So … Continue reading

Christmas Crack Candy

Oh Great, something else for me to get addicted to. As of 2 days ago, I am not additcted to the Red Velvet Cookies and now this. A friend just called me and said, “RUN do not walk to the store and buy everything you need for this candy.” So as soon as I post … Continue reading

Chocolate Truffles

This past weekend, we were in Big Bear and went to a Chocolate Tour. One of the locations had these delicious little gems that were just chocolate truffles dusted with fairy dust, I mean powdered sugar. I came home and immediately found my old recipe that I use to make and use as decorations on … Continue reading

Linda Cooper’s Pralines

Bunco is at our house tonight so thought I would surprise the ladies and make some fudge and pralines. Linda Cooper gave me this recipe in the 80’s and we have made it ever since for holidays and have given away plates of them. They are easy to make, you don’t need a candy thermometer, … Continue reading