Hearts In Tune

There is a gospel group called Hearts in Tune, which is a favorite of mine. This morning upon hearing more of the tragedy that is going on not only in Dallas, but over the world, those words just kept coming to me, “Hearts in Tune.” It is so very sad to me to listen to … Continue reading

Mesa Musings

We have been living here now for 2 months and have had much to learn and think about. This is not Texas, nor is it California. Arizona has a personality all it’s own. Somedays, when we get CBS alerts every hour, declaring that someone has been shot or stabbed, we feel that we are living … Continue reading

Monsoons, Meatloaf & Munchkin

I’m back…..finally! Between caring for a hubby with one arm right now and trying to train a little new Munchkin we are calling Oliver Leopold, I feel like I am in a house with a new baby. The only difference between a new puppy and a baby is the baby at least poo poos in … Continue reading