Beyond The Sunset

Yesterday as Randy and I prepared to leave Puerta Vallarta to head back to LA for a few days before heading out in the next leg of our journey, we had to once again say goodbye to some friends who have become so much more than “friends” to us both. As I left the hotel with tears in my eyes and a sad heart realizing that we did not know how long it would be before we saw each other again, it dawned on me that life is full of goodbyes! We have several friends at this time who are enduring really scary health issues and are possibly facing having to say goodbye to life as they know. As seasons of life change and new circumstances come into play, we all have to say goodbye to certain things. But yesterday seemed to take on a whole new meaning. As we had several hours on the plane. I began to really think about this! As we left Arizona a few weeks ago, we said goodbye to new friends who we loved and also to our kids that live there. That was truly very hard. Because we have kids, and family in Texas, Florida and Arizona, there is no place we could live that did not make us have to say “goodbye” at times to family! Friends who we love dearly are scattered around in different states which is wonderful, but also trying when it comes to saying goodbye as we leave to go home!

On the plane as i continued to think about this, the thought that came to me was that one day, one glorious day, we will never have to say goodbye again! Oh what joy to be united together and live in Thanksgiving and praise to the One Who has made that possible! As we flew into LA, the phone could not capture truly the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen in my life! There above the horizon was a color of red that could not be described. It was just magnificent and a most significant reminder of Who Our creator is! It made me so thankful that one day… day we will be beyond the sunset, never having to say goodbye again

Beyond the sunset
Oh, glad reunion
With our dear loved ones
Who’ve gone before
In that fair homeland
We’ll know no parting
Beyond the sunset
Forever more

2 thoughts on “Beyond The Sunset

  1. Oh Trudy I am in tears as I read this . No more sorrow or tears , no more pain and suffering, no more diseases or divorces and no more goodbyes to those we love . Only reunions . God Bless you sweet lady .


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