Let Go & Grow

Isa 43:19 I (the Lord) will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Yesterday a sweet lady who is much younger than myself called me out of the blue. We had met when she took a Bible class which I taught when we lived in Texas. Through the years there have been changes of jobs, a baby, and now, a possible move to a different state. She called to just visit with me about the possibility and ask if I would be praying that she and her husband would know what God was wanting for them. As she explained to me some of the reasons she felt that it would be a good thing, she also began to voice some concerns. As I listened (and yes, sometimes I do listen and keep quiet) to her, I began to try and think of the times when Randy and I were in the midst of a change and needed God’s guidance. After the phone call ended, I thought about the last 25 years of our lives and all the times which we felt afraid that we would make the wrong decision. As I sat there and wondered what words of wisdom I might pass on to her, I reflected on past happenings. Texting her some thoughts I ended one of the text with….let go & grow! After pushing “send”, I began to wonder where those words came from. I had never said that before. Continuing to think about that, memories came crashing through to me about the times, I had had to let go and the growth that ensued. There were times when letting go was the hardest thing I had done. I remember driving through the desert, moving to California, crying the whole way because we had left our kids and grandkids. What had we done? Why had we said yes to a job that would take us 1500 miles away from our precious family, friends and church? I didn’t want to let go and I didn’t care about growing. But 3 years later, as I looked back I could see that not only had I grown in my dependance on God, but some of our kids had grown in their faith and in their marriage. Since I wasn’t there, they grew more depending upon their spouse, and the Lord to provide some of the things I always tried to step in and do for them. God was getting me out of the way!
Looking back over those times when I really had to let go, there were signs there that let me know that there had been growth, not only in my spiritual life, but in my personal life. Why is letting go so hard, when in our hearts, we know that sometimes that is what God is convicting us to do, in order to get a bigger blessing down the road.
When talking to the sweet friend on the phone that day, of course I told her that I would be praying for peace about the decision they would make, but also that God would grow her heart and if they decided to go with the job offer, that her heart would be softened to allow herself to let go of the years in Texas. It is amazing how, when we are called to a new place, all of a sudden, just like the Israelites, when leaving Egypt, all they remembered was the “good” that they had left. The slavery, the hardships that God was rescuing them from, didn’t cross their minds. Fear of the unknown and not trusting, kept them from the blessing of letting God grant them His promises.
As we encounter new surroundings, we tend to fall back on the old familiar comfort of what we had. It is easier to do that than step into a new adventure with God sometimes. But oh when we do, that adventure can open doors of blessings. Blessings to meet new friends who will shower us with friendship. A new church in which we find ourselves with a new desire of serving, possibly in a new way that we had never thought. Now in my 60’s, it is getting a little easier to trust God for His plan, not mine. There are still times, that I fall back to the past of what I had, but then the Lord reminds me how He was always faithful to me in the new places. That each time I had let go, there was something special that happened in my life. Things that cannot be bought. Spiritual blessings. Hum….maybe after all these years, I am learning a little (quicker) to let go….and grow! Can we look back 10 years ago and see that our faith has grown? Do we have greater peace when those “bends in the road” come? Is our natural response now to pray, instead of panic or phone all our friends when circumstances throw us for a loop?
Let’s determine in our hearts to always trust His heart, even when we can’t see His Hand. We will, most assuredly, be blessed beyond anything we can imagine.

John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly”

3 thoughts on “Let Go & Grow

  1. Trudy, you are so right. Seth at Redemption had a similar sermon last week, about the Israelites. We do have to let go of our comforts and step out in faith to grow even if it is uncomfortable and scary. As our family continues to grow in MN and we aren’t there to babysit or help, I have wondered if we made the right decision to move permanently to AZ, feeling guilty or selfish that we’re not there for our grandkids and our adult children. But we believe Gods purpose for our life is here in AZ. Our mission is not totally in full sight yet, but God is directly our steps in good faith to follow no matter what! Philippians 3:14 we press on to the goal to win the prize. Thank you for sharing Gods truth and your encouragement to me and others through chocolate castles. Miss you Trudy, your smile and your laughter and your “y’all “. Hugs. Mary Lou


    • Hi Mary Lou. I’m so sorry I’m just responding. A good friend is In the hospital and I have been gone so much I forgot to check my comment page so I just saw ur comment. Thank u for the encouragement. We all often have doubts of what we are doing is Gods will when trials come or when our kids need us and we think “oh I should be by them to help”. But it is in those times that I must remember that God is greater than I am and it is His power and intervention that is always what I should be depending on more than what I could do for them. I think sometimes we all have to get out of the way so that our kids can see Him and His will for their lives rather than just relying on us! It also helps my faith to grow waiting and seeing how He is going to take care of our kids. It is so hard to wait. So glad y’all are involved at Redemption. I bet the new campus is wonderful. So good to hear from u! Tell Danny hi for us! Love to u! Trudy. Give Mo and Debbie my love also. Miss u sweet ladies!


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