Fall Is Falling Upon Us Quickly; Tidbit Tuesday

IMG_5833Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that I remembered that Tuesday is posting in bullet points…on Tuesday instead of 3 days later. So maybe all those vitamins are working! Or maybe it is the notes I have plastered all over the house to remind me to Tuesday Bullet Post. Whatever, at least I remembered to look at the reminders and didn’t just past by them, thinking that they were tags that were placed on furniture for which child gets what when they cart us off to the nursing home. But since it is Tuesday, I will stick to my promise and post in bullet points instead of paragraph form, which does make me look oh so hip. Speaking of hips:

1. I have noticed that when I get down on my hands and knees to clean up anything; lets just say that my next Amazon order will include a life alert!

2. This week, everyone around me is talking about getting all their Fall decor out of storage. I purposely have them on speaker phone so Randy can hear them talk about all their decor and how they might be tired of what they have and are going shopping for new items. I give him the look of, “see what a good wife I am? I use mine until the fake pumpkins look like they are ready for pumpkin graveyard and the wreaths are totally withered” He gets the message. One of my dear friends has 3 storage cabinets and an off site storage for all her decor. You know who you are! One of my favorite reminders to him when I want to go get new decor, is telling him that at least we no longer have an off site storage unit and that everything we own is right here so if we don’t buy the 24 roll of paper towels at Costco, there is a little more space under the bathroom cabinet that would fit a few more new Fall items.

3. This brings me to buying Fall decor. We ventured into Big Lots after a recent visit to DSW, down the way. Their pumpkins were arriving and were being put on the shelf as we walked in. After I promised Randy that I would be very selective in my new purchases, he left me alone (which scares him since I carry a credit card with me at all times) with an empty basket as he ventured off to go see if anything in the store interested him, while I mosied on over to the Seasonal aisle. All I can tell you is this, you need to hurry over while they still have a great selection of really pretty fall decorations. As soon as my basket was full, I went looking for Mr. Relax in Any Place He Can Find in a Store. There in the furniture aisle, was my husband on a fake leather couch, with his feet up, pretending that he had a drink in the cup holder. In no uncertain terms, I motioned for him to get up and I made him promise never to even think about bringing one of those home. But if he ever did, to just expect me to put up a velvet painting of Elvis on the wall over it. He quickly got up. Run, don’t walk to Big Lots! But don’t take your husband, they might bring home more than you bargained for. i.e. couches which take up more room than all my boxes full of Christmas decorations!

4. This week showed me that I am my mother. We ran around all day Saturday and got home about 4. After we rested our feet, we began to talk about where to go to dinner. We decided upon Mexican food and I went to get some nicer clothes on when I looked in the mirror and noticed something not quite right. As I looked closer, I realized that all day long, I had been out with a black shirt, black flats, black purse, back earrings and…navy blue shorts! And….Randy had let me out looking like that. I ran back into the living room and said, “do you see anything wrong on me?” He took a moment and said, “uh…you didn’t roll your hair the same way?” Quickly I reminded him that he is suppose to “be his brother’s keeper” and not let me out of the house without earrings or unmatched clothes. He reminded me that there have been occasions when, after being out all day, I look over to him and say, “personally, I wouldn’t have worn that shirt with those pants.” He always ask me why I wait until we get home to tell him that and I tell him I didn’t want to hurt his creative side so early in the day, so I just wait until we get home to hurt it. Isn’t marriage grand?

5. Had bunco at the house last night and served Ice Cream Cake. You need to make this cake. Isn’t it wonderful to have friends and family gather together to visit and eat? That is truly one of the greatest joys of life. Friends, Family and Food….so as we enter the time of year when (soon, hopefully very soon)temps begin to fall and pumpkins are showing up everywhere, don’t wait for Thanksgiving to gather. Make something simple or buy a Marie Calendar’s pie, if you don’t enjoy baking. Make a phone call and have someone over. It will bless you both!

2 thoughts on “Fall Is Falling Upon Us Quickly; Tidbit Tuesday

  1. Last year I raced to get my fall decorations out, as you know…, I believe you and I raced each other. This year? I am too hot, and I’m not talking about ‘oh baby’ hot either! Would you be a love and come up here and do this for me, please? And do not listen to any stories Cora or Peggy may tell you about there potentially being a certain kind of bug or gecko near my fall items in the closet. Just ignore all that and come up here and help a sista out! K?


    • U r too funny and no i will not come unless it is a lizard free zone!!! HA! I keep tabs on ur temps and urs is actually hotter than it is here! Send the plane ticket and im there!!!!


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