Southern Sweetness

What is it about the South that separates it from the rest of the world? This week I think I have found the answer. Since we arrived in Hilton Head, we have never been in an elevator that we were Not spoken to. Anytime we shared the elevator, whether with young or old, people looked you in the eye and spoke, not just hi, but how are you, isn’t it a beautiful day, or have a great day when exiting. Several times, while getting in the elevator or door, even the young people, down to one young man who looked to be about 10, told me “ladies first” and let me step in first. This morning at Starbucks, a precious young boy ordered his drink and told the lady behind the counter thank you and hoped she had a great day. He couldn’t have been over 8 or 9. We have just been amazed at the old fashioned manners which we have been around. It has felt like we were living in a “Leave it to Beaver” kind of world. No Baggie pants, no spiked hair,no huge ear lobe holes. Even groups of teens which walked down the hall in the hotel spoke and were just so polite. Maybe it is all the sweet tea they drink here. We will be leaving tomorrow refreshed and with a new appreciation for the South.
After lunch we went to an AT&T store to see why I could not download a book on my phone. When the young man inquired As to my name, I told him it was Trudy,to which he replied, “welcome to AT&T Turdy”. But at least he said it very sweetly and with a smile. It took me a couple of times to get him to say it correctly as we went through a list of “Turdy? No…Trini?No…back to Turdy?NO!” Very slowly I spelled it, T R U D Y…TRUDY,finally he was able to get it. Guess, if I lived down here I would have to learn to speak a little slower or I would be known as Turdy. According to all the books here, one way to know you are in the South is when you have your name embroidered on your bag. Wonder if I would have Turdy embroidered in pink or brown?

One thought on “Southern Sweetness

  1. Hey Missy Turdy. Good comments. I agree. That even goes for Okies and Texans. Safe travels. Hope to see u before you get worn out with all this traveling. ( me, jealous????) uh


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