Chocolate Castles on Home Screen

On Sunday I realized that some friends of mine didn’t know that they could add ChocolateCastles to their home screens. That way, all you have to do is click on the Icon and the blog appears. So for those of us who are Golden Girls, who aren’t real computer savy, it is very easy. This works on Iphones. (it works on Androids also, but to tell you the truth, I don’t remember how the cute little high school  looking girl at AT&T did it)

There are only 2 steps to having it on your home screen.

  1. Type in Chocolate Castles in your search bar. When you have choices of Chocolate Castles to choose from, open the one which shows it is a blog. The Headline will say, “ChocolateCastles/Recipes, Life & Laughs & Hospitality Hints… on that.
  2. Once you have opened it, look at the bottom of your phone and you should see a box with an arrow pointing up. Click on that and it gives you several choices, one of those being “add to home screen”. Click on that and it will download to your home screen.
  3. Any time you need to go to the blog, just touch the Chocolate castles icon and it will take you then directly to Chocolate Castles. Also there is a search bar on the right side of the blog page where you can type in the name of a recipe to find it in the blog, no matter when it was posted.

Hope this helps.  Thanks to all of you who are following the blog. It is such an encouragement to continue writing and posting!

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