I had said a couple of weeks ago that I would be posting a poem taken from a book of poems by my daughter, Jodi Dupree. Because we were out of town on Fri and I hadn’t thought to take the poem book with me, I failed to post one. So a few days late, here is the 2nd poem in the series.

Me….by Jodi Dupree

Sing to me…write to me

Let me lead you home

Leave your lie in My Hands

You are not alone.

Hold my Hand-Walk in Faith

Trust in me every day.

I have a plan, I love you dearly.

Continue to obey.

I gave you gifts, just right for you.

Don’t try to be someone else, I want you to be you.

As you are, as I’ve made you.

As I would have you be.

Oh ,my precious one

You were made to glorify Me.

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