Three French Hens

To continue the tradition, I had to buy 3 hens today, which spoke French. But before I let them show off for you, I have to give you a quick overview of my day. This has not been the best Christmas Eve Eve. Frosty is sick with bronchitis and since I am really a very loving wife who likes to brag that I am the best wife EVER, I went to pick up his meds for him. Because the Pharmacy told me that they had no record of him dropping off his prescription, I got so upset thinking that he might have contracted Alzeimers during his drive from Urgent Care to CVS and just thought he forgot where he dropped off the prescription. I was so upset and worried about him that  unbeknownst to me, I left my wallet on the counter, at CVS.  I head to the grocery store to pick up a few things that will make him feel better, like Mrs. Grass’s chicken soup. I get up to the counter to buy the soup and discover that I don’t have my wallet. I panic and run to the car. I call CVS to find out if they have my wallet. If they don’t have it I guess I left it at the same PO that I thought I had left my credit card last week, only to discover that it was in my pocket the whole time (after cancelling it from the car before anyone could charge their entire Christmas on it). Thank the Lord, CVS had it. Someone had turned it in. I leave my groceries at Von’s and drive as fast as I could to CVS to retrieve my wallet. I head home. I simply cannot go back to the store right now. They still didn’t have Frosty’s meds ready. So upon arriving at home, I wake up my  patient who is trying to sleep so he can heal quickly and ask him if he made a mistake and dropped off the prescription at a different drug store. . He assured me he did not. After I relay my day to him, he feels so sorry for me that he tells me that he will go to the grocery store with me, even though he sounds like he has TB.  We head to Randalls  Grocery Store this time. I didn’t want to go back to Von’s as I was too embarrassed. We pick up things for the next two days, which included the last qt of egg nog that the store had on the shelves. He was so ready to go home and pour a glass of Eggnog to watch Wheel of Fortune. He lets me off at the back stairs. I leave two sacks at the bottom and carry two up. When I reach the top of the stairs, I hear a crash. I look down and Eggnog is running down our driveway faster than you can say On Dancer, On Donder, On Vixen.

When Frosty returns from parking his car he rounds the corner to watch the qt of Eggnog that we had just bought flowing down the driveway. I did remind him that he didn’t have to cancel all the credit cards and he should be giving thanks for that. Tomrrow I will go to a different Randalls to buy him more Eggnog. I guess I should actually cook him something besides frozen pizza that we had bought to have for dinner tonight. Maybe I will fix one of the 3 hens with rice stuffing to make up for spilling his Egg Nog. Right now, he is downstairs picking up the broken glass and hosing down the diriveway. Maybe a French Hen will get him in a better mood.


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