Lemon Creme In A Glass

Two days ago, I posted the recipe for Lemon Crème Pie. Today I am having a friend over for lunch and didn’t want to make a pie crust, so after cooling the lemon crème, I spooned it in a martini glass, topped it with sweetened whipping cream, sprinkled shortbread cookie crumbs and a raspberry! A … Continue reading

Quick Pasta Carbonara

Using the new Philadelphia Cooking Crème, this pasta dish is really quick and really great for those nights when you are wanting comfort food without taking lots of time, but want great flavor. Cook 1 lb of pasta (your choice) as directed on package, omitting the salt. Meanwhile, cut 8 slices of Oscar Mayer Center … Continue reading

Peter & Penelope Pumpkin

Learning how to upload pics to this new computer! Can’t believe it has taken me this long to figure out this new lap top. Was use to Apple and am trying to learn Windows It is now official, Peter & Penelope have taken over for Randy and Trudy. The recipes you will see posted over … Continue reading