Cowboys, Pearls and Jerky

It is good to be home. Good to be able to have big hair, sunshine, no wind or humidity and not a Tex-Mex restaurant to be found, to tempt me every day and gain back every pound I had lost to go to Texas. It was good  to come home before I had to buy a second seat just to fly home. From the time I landed in Texas, it was rainy and windy so my hair was flat and straight the entire time.  Didn’t take an umbrella so my clothes were wet and wrinkled. If you are like me, you are always hoping that you will look good for the people you don’t get to see but a couple of times a year, so I was so excited about having lost a few pounds before getting there only to be disappointed that no one was noticing the weight I had lost, all they saw was that my hair looked, “just awful”…really, awful….so much so, that I only went to stores and restaurants that I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone I might know. It was embarrassing and I didn’t want them to think, “poor thing, she moved away to California and look what she has become, a left over hippie with straight flat hair and wrinkled clothes” After a week of having the worst hair, I bought a hair clip to pull it back, only to have it make my face look like I had gained about 30 pounds. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to come home and have fluffy hair that was still a little fluffier than my rear end and I didn’t have to wear a sign that said, “I don’t always look like this” around my neck. The sign got wet from the rain, and the word “don’t” disappeared. The sign now read, “I always look like this”. Coming home couldn’t get here fast enough.

Before coming back, I flew to Houston and stayed a couple of days with friends, Cathy and Cindy, (twin sisters, who I have known for 33 years) which treated me to some of the best food around Texas. We had Tex-Mex 3 times and seafood from Monument Inn. Isn’t it wonderful how you can see friends who you haven’t seen in a couple of years and the friendship just picks right up just like you had been together every week. Friendships that make you forget about flat, wet hair are the friendships that we treasure our entire lives.

Since it was Rodeo days in Texas, while I was driving from Houston to Corpus, I passed the group of cowboys in covered wagons pulled by horses. This is the annual Trail Ride that happens every year and ends up at the Rodeo. I had lived in Texas for 60 years and had never happened upon this sight. It was exciting to be driving down the highway and look over and see this huge group of people riding along on wagons or horses. It was really such a treat to be able to say I had seen them; had read the write up and saw pictures in Southern Living Magazine, but never in person. Made me want to pull into the next truck stop for smoked beef jerky and chew on that, driving down the highway: so that’s what I did….I just hope none of the old Northwood Women’s Club members were driving down that same highway. I can only imagine what they would have thought seeing me chewing on beef jerky,  waving and yelling “ye haw” out my window to the cowboys in their covered wagons, with flat, straight hair. My only saving grace was that hopefully, they would have seen that no matter the hair, the yelling and the beef jerky, I still had on  my earrings and pearls. To Texas Women’s groups, you can get away with a lot as long as you are wearing pearls and earrings, matching pearls and earrings, that is.

Tomorrow, will resume the chocolate recipes till the end of the month. Share a recipe and a smile….Trudy

2 thoughts on “Cowboys, Pearls and Jerky

  1. Hello Beautiful! I love the new look of your blog.
    I would not have cared if your hair was straight…and I would have noticed the weight loss…really…I would. I notice things like that.:)
    I would have given you a big hug and loved you no matter how you looked…just would have been a real treat to see you…period.Sure would be.
    I always enjoy readiing about your adventures…and the recipes.


    • Good morning Ms Rita! You are so sweet! I didn’t come to Dallas this time, just Corpus and Houston! BUT…..will be in Dallas in April! I will be there the week of the 7th babysitting. So lets get together! Will see you then! Love to u, Trudy

      Please go to for my blog! “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; Honor others above yourself” Romans 12:10


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