Sunday In Newport

What a gorgeous day we had today. Began our day at church, where we were so blessed and then headed down to Newport to take in the wonderful sunshine and scout out some new restaurants for when Don and Janece come in from Dallas next month. Randy had had me google seafood restaurants in Newport on the way down and after reading the menu, decided on what we thought would be a great discovery. We headed down there with the directions on our phone and were excited as adventurers could be..we drove into the parking lot but didn’t see any cars. I went back to their web page and then I saw the hours…..Sun 5-10 p.m.   He just looked at me and shook his head…guess I should have looked a little closer, It is now 2 and we are really starting to get hungry. I mentioned that we had driven by a place called 333 several times before which overlooks the water, and suggested that maybe we go there. We were starving by this time and thought to ourselves, even if the food isn’t grand, we are so hungry anything will taste good. So we head down PCH 1 and drive into the parking lot to find it extremely busy, which to us was a good sign. We walk in and they take us to a table for 2…well, actually it was more than just a table, it was one of those tables that you need 6″ spike heels to climb into the chair, but after a few attempts at jumping up, I finally landed on the edge of the seat, not wanting to look conspicuous, just ended up sitting on the edge the whole meal, as I never could scoot back into the chair; BUT it did look out over the water, so we were excited and hungry. We then began to look around and noticed that we were the only ones in there over the age of well, let’s just say that we were probably the only ones in there that had Tums in their pockets and needed the food not to be spicy in order not to upset our tummies, which would interfere with our sleep tonight. But…it was rocking and rolling in there with young ladies which apparently hadn’t realized that it is still cold outside. We saw the shortest skirts and the lowest necklines we had seen in quite a while. Randy remarked that if they were wearing this now, he couldn’t wait till summer. After I glared at him we ordered, as we were too embarrassed to walk out, we didn’t want them to think we weren’t “cool” enough to be in there, so we stayed. Actually, our fish tacos were really good, but by the time we left, we both had headaches from the loud music and all the laughter coming from all the “youngsters” around us. I wonder if their mom’s knew where they were. We watched young men, out canoeing and beautiful yachts coming and going. We both played and texted on our iPhones, so everyone around us would think that we were “hip”. The afternoon gave us some laughs and showed us that, no matter our age, no matter the place, we enjoy new places and new adventures. We feel blessed to be able to have days like today to get out and walk in the sunshine, have eyes that can see and enjoy the beautiful ocean. But…after we stopped for ice cream, we headed home to our little quiet abode to catch up on Wheel of Fortune that we had recorded from Friday night; and to refill our pockets with a few more Tums.

I am leaving for a week but will try to find free wifi spots do I can write updates or new recipes I come across. Have a blessed week, sharing friendships and recipes with someone …..Trudy

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